home treatment for lice


Lice are animals that feed on the blood of people on the scalp.

Parents of school-age children have experienced at least one head lice attack. You will if you haven’t already. The lice shampoo you buy at your local pharmacy isn’t cheap, and it’s not always effective. These home remedies are cheap, in some cases free, and work just as well or better than the ones you buy at the pharmacy. Even before medicated shampoos were invented, these traditional home remedies have been used for years.

1. It doesn’t matter what kind of onion you use, squeeze it. Apply onion juice to the scalp and leave it on for three to four hours. When the time is up, wash your hair well until there are no more lice visible. In order to kill any remaining lice, you should do this for three to four days.

2. Combine freshly extracted coconut oil with camphor powder. Before going to bed, massage the mixture into your scalp. In the morning, wash your hair and scalp well. To kill all lice, repeat this process for four days.

3. Lice can be removed completely without using any products by using a lice comb to remove nits (eggs) and tweezers to remove live bugs. It takes a long time, but it works. This may also need to be done for a few days.

4. Use real mayonnaise, olive oil, or Vaseline. Cover your head with a shower cap after massaging your scalp. You should thoroughly wash your hair in the morning and use a fine-toothed comb to remove nits.

5. Make a powder from a raw custard apple, including the seeds. Before going to bed, massage the powder into your scalp. Wear a shower cap or tie your hair back with a cloth. In the morning, wash your hair.

6. Use Sea Breeze Facial Cleanser every night before bed. The lice will be killed, and they will not return.

7. Even if children are present in the house, this home remedy should only be used on adults. Wash your hair with kerosene mixed with shampoo. Use a normal shampoo after washing your hair with the kerosene shampoo. Lice are killed immediately, but nits are not. For complete lice removal, it must be repeated for three or four days.

8. Put bedding, clothing, stuffed animals, and other soft materials in a garbage bag and spray them with Lysol. For at least 24 hours, tie up the garbage bag tightly.

When you or your child get head lice, they are hard to get rid of. Your ailments should be cured by these remedies.

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